Father’s Day Thoughts

12 08 2010

I was enjoying dinner tonight with my family in Georgetown, Texas. My wife, our two boys, and I decided to go to IKEA to get a cheap potty training seat for our youngest, and while at IKEA we decided to hit up a yummy restuarant called Souper Salad. Jennifer and I both love this place because it was the site of our first date (depending on which one of us you ask!).

As we enjoyed our meal, two events occured that taught me two things about being a father: one, I put too much effort into not trying to do the wrong things, and two, sometimes doing the right thing happens as a result of being myself rather than trying at all. The first event occured within about twenty minutes of our being at the restuarant. An elderly gentleman politely interrupted our dinner and offered us a compliment about how well were raising our children. He said, “You guys have started off great as parents. You have to look to see you children because you don’t hear them at all.” It was a nice compliment, for which we thanked him, and it sparked my second thought…just be yourself. I set forth no special plan to make sure Bryan and Gabriel were especially quiet this evening, and because they just caught onto what we did, they both followed our example.

The second incident occured approximately five minutes later. A man in the military was eating dinner with his wife, a son, and what appeared to be two foster children. When they entered the restaurant the entire family was loud, but they were not annoying or obnoxious. After some incident with the waitress (which I did not witness), Military dad (mildad for short) shouted at one boy who looked to be about five-years-old that he was rude to the waitress and demanded that the boy apologize. The child just sat there and did nothing which sparked mildad to command the boy to do push-ups in the middle of the restuarant as punishment for being rude.

The second incident sparked my primary thought about avoiding wrong actions. I don’t believe the man in the restaurant was abusive to his foster child, but he certainly was rude and impatient. I sympathize with the man because I struggle with rudeness and impatience myself. However, I am thankful for the grace of God not because I am better than mildad but because God allowed me to witness this event to shape my own actions in the future.

In scripture, we are given strictures by which to live our lives. Some are lists of don’ts, others are do’s, and still others are general advice which carry with them a freedom to be creative. I believe one piece of such advice occurs in Hebrews 13. Starting in verse 15, “Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name. 16 And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” One of the duties listed is DOING good which pleases God. I pray that for the rest of my life, I will do good, instead of trying to avoid bad.

I hope you all have a happy Father’s Day, and thank you for reading my rambling thoughts.

Originally posted on Jun 20, 2010




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2 09 2010
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