More Wisdom, or additional thoughts on Proverbs

2 09 2010

After reading Proverbs 3 and a couple of my favorite blogs by Donald Miller and Jonathan Acuff, I was struck by the beauty of the advice in Proverbs.  The first few verses highlight some benefits of wisdom, “many days, a full life, and well-being,” and then the author moves on to the source of wisdom.

Proverbs 3:5-6 are some of the most famous verses in Christianity.  Their words have been quoted, commented on, and referenced several times, so what I say here is nothing new.   The gist of these verses is to trust in the one who made you, who knows you, and knows what’s best for you.  When you do this, He will keep on the right path.

At first, I thought the right path was safe, but it can not mean that.  He intends to shake up our lives in ways we do not understand.  Look at Christ’s call to the disciples, Moses call in the wilderness (from a burning bush), or Abram’s call to leave all he knew.   Safety, as we understand it, is not the right path.  It is security in the surety of His word, call, and promises.

The search for such surety has led me, and countless others, down some very unsafe trails.  It’s not that all of these trails are inherently evil, but I did miss the mark as travailed them.  This is where verse seven steps in with the contrast of our wisdom to our fear of Him. “Do not consider yourself to be wise; fear the LORD and turn away from evil”

I have often thought of fear as dreading His rapproachment, or correction.  This kind of fear came from a childhood were rapproachment never felt like love.   After reading verses eleven and twelve, I deeply desire to fall into that fearful category and to experience His loving correction.

Verses 21-26 rock my world, especially light of the aforementioned SCL blog.  These verses, beginning with 21, speaks of maintaining competence and discrection because these things will be life for you and an adornment for your neck.  Again, safety and surety are mentioned again in this section.  In verses 25-26, Solomon states the ultimate benefit of this spiritual maintenance: freedom from fear, that pit of your stomach dread, and confidence IN THE LORD.

A while back I quoted Hebrews 13:15 and 16, and as read verse 26, I realized the importance of verse 15 in Hebrews.  We are commended to offer a sacrifice of praise though Him.  Jesus has empowered the law and wisdom of God in our lives, and our existence is to bring Him honor, glory, and praise.

Verse 34 brings to light the consequences for those who seek glory for themselves.  He mocks, makes fun of, the proud, but gives grace to the humble.   I often struggle with a showy contrition, because I am a proud, judgemental person.  My hope is to grow in application of these words.  I thank the Lord for the happiness of heart to delight in His commands.




2 responses

9 09 2010

Love you & love reading your thoughts. I’m a subscriber:)

5 02 2011

You need to write more often…I love you!

Your wife:)

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