Inappropriate Use of “Breathe”

2 07 2011

I haven’t written a blog in quite a long time, and I am almost embarassed that this topic is the one that inspired me to write a new one.  My wife and I enjoy watching movies together because it is a way for us to laugh together, be inspired, discuss life’s big themes, and be moved in general.  This evening’s movie falls under the laugh together category.  For our entertainment, we watched “The Other End of the Line.”  It is a simple rom-com with all the familiar trappings, such as the obligatory girlfriend (who will be dumped eventually for the female lead), the lovable oaf (who dumps the obligatory girlfriend for the female lead), and the heroine (or the homewrecker who breaks up the lovable oaf and the obligatory girfriend).  For added drama, the heroine may have a boyfriend/fiance that she doesn’t really like/doesn’t want to marry. 

This post, however, is not about rom-coms or their familiar elements.  It is about the use of the classic (?) worship song, “Breathe” at the most inappropriate time during this movie.  Shortly after the climatic and obligatory “you’re seeing someone else” scene, the producers of this movie decided to use this song to describe the connection between the lead characters.  While the most of the lines in this song makes sense for a romantic relationship, the end of the first verse does not:  “Your Holy presence living in me.” I think the music supervisor heard the lines, “I’m desparate for you, And I, I’m lost without you” and thought it would great for this movie without listening to the whole song.  Unless, perhaps, this individual was a Christian who wanted share the message about True Love, and thought this relationship demonstrated what Christ’s love is like.  I don’t know though, I just don’t know.  I do know when we heard the opening verse, Jennifer and I just started cracking up. 

It probably would have been fine if it had only been used once as a filler for the moment, but the entire song underscored each lead character’s struggle with missing the other.  At this point, we are sharing a laugh.  I wish I could say with the movie, but it was definitely at the movie

Have any of you ever heard a song misused such as this one?




2 responses

2 07 2011

And the girlfriend who gets dumped always has some major character flaws so that you cheer the breakup by the lovable oaf!
Can’t think of a specific time a song has been used incorrectly, but I know I’ve noticed it before and it is funny when you do see that!

2 07 2011
Greg Poppy

Yes, you are so right, I should have called her the obviously flawed obligatory girlfriend!

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