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28 07 2011

If you have read the Ragamuffin Gospel, you are  familiar with this prayer at the end of the chapter titled “Paste Jewelry and Sawdust Hotdogs.”  If you haven’t read it, I would encourage you to read the book.  It is a refreshing and challenging look at the gospel.  Here is the text of prayer below.

Lord Jesus,
We are silly sheep who have dared to stand before You and try to bribe You with our presposterous portfolios.  Suddenly, we have come to our senses.  We are sorry and ask you to forgive us.  Give us the grace to admit we are ragamuffins, to embrace our brokenness, to celebrate Your mercy when we are at our weakest, to rely on Your mercy no matter what we may do.  Dear Jesus, gift us to stop grandstanding and trying to get attention, to do the truth quietly without display, to let the dishonesties in our lives fade away, to accept our limitations, to cling to the gospel of grace, and to delight in Your love. Amen. (Manning, pg 139)

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for exposing my hypocrisy.




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