Wednesday’s Word of the Day: Judicious

24 08 2011

Today’s word is judicious.  A basic definition is acting wise, and it also can mean to be a wise person.  Both uses are adjectives.

The latin origin of this word is judiciIt simply means judgment.  How I wish to be judicious in my own life.  I would even settle for being able to say the word without sounding mushy mouthed.  Yesterday, I tried to explain to my classes that the needed to be decidious with their use of the restroom passes as they would be limited to the number of times that they could go.  I didn’t even use the right impressive word.  I wish I could say that I caught the mistake right away, but I did not.  It was the NEXT class period. (ugh, why do I do this?)

To make matters worse, I could not pronounce judicious correctly.  Then a student offered a simpler phrase, “or be wise.”  It was humiliating to say the least, and I should know better than try to use big words to impress my students.  It just doesn’t help for several reasons.

  1. They are not impressed by the bigger words.
  2. Usually, those big words just confuse them.
  3. Confusion doesn’t help them learn which is my job.

Have you ever had a moment where you tried to impress people, only to have it blow-up in your face?




5 responses

24 08 2011
Ryan shahan

You forgot to add
4. I look like an idiot when I get it wrong!

24 08 2011
Greg Poppy

You are right. I do look like an idiot. It’s nice to have friends. You know the kind who can encourage you when you need it.

31 08 2011

I try to stay away from attempting to impress. I tend to fail every time. Now I just sit in the corner sucking my thumb. I am safe there.

3 09 2011
Greg Poppy

I wish that I couild stop trying to be impressive. It really makes me more important, and goes against John the Baptist’s sentiments,”He must become greater, I must become less.” Although, I think you better see someone about that thumb-sucking issue.

7 09 2011

Hahaha, pass.

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