Wednesday’s Word of the Day: Certitude

6 09 2011

Today’s word is certitude. It seems the definition of this word would be the same as a certainty, but while they share the same idea, certainty  is about a truth. Certitude is defined as freedom from doubt.Certitude shares the same root, certus which means sure, as certainty.  The suffix,tūdō,  changes the meaning from a truth to the belief in a truth.   The suffix means a state or condition.  Thus the word certitude means a state of surety.

There are many things in life that can bring about this state.  Often, for me as a believer, I find certitude in doing the right things for my heavenly Father.  The opposite is also true, when I have sinned, I lose that feeling of surety.  I begin to doubt, and not the quiet whisper kind of doubt, but the loud, obnoxious you are a fake, a phony, and Jesus never loved you or called you kind of doubt.

The truth is certitude about my faith because of my behavior is really negative in both senses.  I cannot be assured of my faith because I am doing the right things or be unassured because I am doing the wrong things.  Faith in Christ means that I seek Him.  Not doing good things, or avoiding bad things.  I should “seek first his kingdom and its righteousness.”  God will grant me certitude about my life as I seek Him first.

The Lord has recently been pounding, drilling, directing me towards this truth in His Word.  The famous passage for this truth comes in Matthew 6, but another passage puts its together with Jesus warnings about the end times.  The latter passage is in Luke 12, and its arrangement really challenged me.  In it, Jesus first instructs people to store up treasures in heaven, then He moves on to the instruction of not worrying about the temporal things (food, drink, clothing), but focusing on the Kingdom of God, and He ends the message about being faithful in waiting for His return. The arrangement goes like this, stop looking for stuff in this world,stop worrying about the stuff of this world, start seeking my Kingdom, and faithfully wait for my return.

This is the kind of certitude that I want.  I want to “hunger and thirst for righteousness“, because I know He will satisfy those desires.  How about you?  Have you ever put surety in the wrong things?  What are you counting on to satisfy you?




One response

7 09 2011

Honestly, for me, I don’t think that I ever could find anything to put my trust in, because nothing was sure. It was in finally letting go of the things of this world and putting my faith in the One who is the way, the truth, and the life that gave me a sense of security. I now stand in a state of certainty, that I am in the Hands of the Lord.

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