Wednesday’s Word of the Day: Cartography

14 09 2011

Today’s word is cartography.  The definition of this word is the making of maps and charts.  Since I am a geography teacher, I often tell my students that it is not a map class.  We use maps in our study of the world, but we are studying the world.

The roots of this word come from Latin and Greek.  Cart comes from the  Latin carta meaning card, and graphy comes from the Greek graphein meaning to write, to draw.  Of course, to write a map takes a lot of effort and skill.  Using a map takes a little less effort and skill, but it can still be challenging.

Thinking about the utility of maps in planning trips, I thought about life maps.  People often use different things for guidance in their lives.  Some people consult fortune tellers, others seek sage advice from parents or other elders, and still others read the myriad of books that offer life plans.  Ultimately, I believe that the best life plan was offered in chapter 3 of the book of Proverbs which I wrote about here.  These verses talk about putting our whole-hearted trust in the LORD and acknowledging Him in all we do.  The promise of these verses is that He will make our paths straight.

Some other verses that mention placing the LORD first in our lives are found in Matthew 6 and Luke 12 of the New Testament.  These passages have Jesus telling his followers to not worry about food, clothing, or shelter, but to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  This is where the other sources for life maps begin to make very little sense to me.  Jesus in the New Testament and the God-Inspired writers of Proverbs both tell us, the best plans for our lives are found in Him.  The plans He has are awesome, His ways exceed our own, and His thoughts are greater than ours.

I believe the difficulty in seeing truth in these verses is in the step required for them to become real to us.  The step is one of surrender, total, complete, and absolute surrender.  Has God asked you to do something?  Are you holding to some other plan, maybe one a friend or parent gave you?  Are walking in disobedience to His written word and you need to repent?  His love is greater and his power mightier than your greatest mistakes, so repent from the former things and walk into the new thing He is doing.

I realize that these words can make me sound preachy and holier-than-thou, but my heart is to encourage you to follow what the LORD has laid on your heart.  I can testify that letting go is difficult and easy, difficult because we have become comfortable with what we have and what we can do, and easy, because when you go through pain and let go of the fear, He gives you great confidence (read: faith) that He will deliver on His promises.  It may not look like what you think, but He is faithful.

What are you holding off on doing? Do. It. Today.  What are you holding on to other than Him?  Let. It. Go.



One response

28 09 2011
Alexander Strickland

This post was so encouraging. Very relevant, and full of truth. I have so much to learn. Giving our plans to the Lord sounds so nice, but seems so hard to do. I am going to need to meditate on this for a while.

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