Wednesday’s Word of the Day: Incredulous

21 09 2011

Today’s word is incredulous.  The definition is not prepared or not willing to believe something, unbelieving.  The best example of this word from my experience is the number of incredulous looks students give after hearing there is a test the next day.  AFTER telling them every other day of the week that there would be a test on Friday.  The number still astounds me.

The word is a transliteration from Latin.  The Latin is incredulus which means unbelieving.  As I already mentioned in the definition, I am incredulous at the number of students who claim that they do not of the test that I have been telling them about for entire week.

The first part of this definition to me intrigues to me.  Not prepared to believe.  As a believer in Jesus Christ, I have tried in the past to lead others to faith in Him.  The problem with my efforts has been the way in which I have done it.  I’ve tried arguing with them about some particular point of doctrine, and/or blending our non-congruent thoughts into a weird amalgamation.  Both ways dishonor the LORD, discredit my faith, and usually destroy any potential friendship with the person.  Ultimately, it is the LORD who glorifies himself and draws people to Himself, and until He draws them, they are not prepared to believe.

If we are to live for His glory, we should not worry about those who are unprepared to believe.  We should faithfully work to live lives that honor His work in us and diligently testify to that work.  In a way, in a way it reminds me of Paul’s word to Timothy (2 Tim 1:7 The Message), “God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible.”  We should live with boldness for His glory, but let Him tell us the work.  Whether it is to prepare the called or to call the prepared.

The second part of the definition cuts deep into my heart.  Unwilling to believe.  This goes to the root of all people’s lives.  We each have something of ourselves that we feel should change, but we don’t always acknowledge the truth in our hearts.  We hide behind the false selves, the faςades,  that we have created.  The problem here lies with beginning to believe our false self is our true self.  We have to be willing to believe the truth of ourselves before we can ever deal with the junk in our hearts and minds.  Once we crash into the real us, and survive the wreck, we will be better able to help others through that same journey.

This unwillingness to believe doesn’t always have to be necessarily negative or catastrophic.  Sometimes, we read truth in God’s word, and it encourages us to take steps in a different direction.  And sometimes still, we feel inadequate to the task, life’s concerns stop us from acting, or we think we misheard or misread the truth of His words.  While this is still denying the true self and is still difficult to walkout, the fruit of this labor can be a joy from beginning to end.  That’s not to say, it will always be easy or fun.  But when the living God gives you a task to do, you can believe that He will make a way when none seems possible.

What part, or parts, of your life are you not willing to believe are true?  Do you have a truth or secret you are not willing to face?  Are you lying to others, or more importantly, are you believing your own lies about yourself? Have you been given a new purpose but are too scared to move on it? If so, let go, grab His Word and begin to live it out.  He Who called you is faithful.




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21 09 2011

So, we find out that Greg is a Calvanist today! ha ha just kidding.
Great column.

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