Adventure: Letting Go and Letting God (Jennifer’s Guest Post)

9 10 2011

(Note: This is a post from Jennifer on how my resignation went and who my replacement was at Belton High School, the LORD’s fingerprints are all over this story)

Hahahaha…I’m just laughing about the way I titled this post. It could just be because it’s late and I’m not a night owl or it could be…nevermind, it’s probably just because it’s late and I should be in bed instead of writing. Regardless, here I am, writing. So I last left off on our adventure with God with sharing how Greg and I both received confirmation from the Lord that “now” was the time to resign and then He would show us the next step to take, together, for His Kingdom. Knowing 100% that this path is the one the Lord had for us, we confidently let go of the job and left it in the Lord’s hands. Greg went in to work the next day (September 12, 2011) and spoke with the principal. He shared that he was needing to resign, but that he would continue to teach there until the school found a replacement. She asked why he was resigning, so Greg got to share that it was purely out of obedience to the Lord and the call that was on our lives. The principal was so encouraged by this step of faith that Greg thought that she was considering quitting her job. But he assured her that that’s definitely not something you just jump into…that the Lord would definitely be speaking to your heart about it and give you 100% clarity on the need to obey. And that the Lord was using her there at the high school, and that she was very much-needed to fulfill that calling, unless the Lord began directing her another way. She agreed and even shared that her pastor had recently shared about “a man in the Bible who went not knowing where he was going.” Greg said, “Exactly…it’s like that…Abraham went not knowing where he was going, but he was obeying the Lord. That’s what we are doing.” (It was neat for the principal to share that Scripture because it’s been one that has touched my heart for years…Be careful about which Bible verses touch your heart…hahaha…I’m kidding…sort of)….

For the rest of the story, click here.




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