Wednesday’s Word of the Day: Recreation

9 11 2011

Today’s word is recreation.  The definition of the word is “an activity that diverts or amuse or stimulates.”  However, taking the base word recreate, one of its definitions means “give new life or energy to.”  Furthermore, I look at this word a little differently still.  I see it in my sons.  When I watch Bryan express his anger or frustrations in negative ways or his willingness to talk to anyone like they are an old friend, I witness some of my characteristics that have been “re-created.”   Likewise, when I see Gabriel sleeping while being sprawled all over his bed or watch him give a sweet hug to his big brother, it’s like watching his mother do those same things.

The word is rooted in Old French and Latin.  It comes from the Latin recreationem which means recovery from illness. The roots of this word are re meaning again and creare meaning crearte. Thus, the literal meaning of the word is the state of creating again.  As I look at the influence people have on others, this definition seems most fitting.

We are constantly setting an example for people to follow.  First, the question is “what kind of example are we setting?”  Next, the question shifts to “who’s example are we following?” At this point, we should realize that there are many examples we could follow.  Most of us grew up with at least one parent in the home, so there is one potential example.  If you went to school, teachers and classmates provided more examples.  Attended church, the pastor and your peers give still more examples.  Maybe you finally settled on one person, like a friend.  Well, that friend was likely influenced by others, and their example to you is really the culmination of their influences on them.

In all probability, we could point out the flaws of others whose examples we have followed.  We could also sit around and lament the example we have left.  However, our job is not to look to others or to ourselves.  Our task is to look to Him and to do what He says.  Interestingly, I just read this in Deuteronomy 29, verse 29,  “The secret things (His purposes and objectives) belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and our sons forever,  that we may observe all the words of this law.” To me this verse means obey what God has revealed to you, through His Word, to your heart, and in your mind, and trust Him with the “unknowns.”

I believe that Jesus tell us the best example to follow.  In John 12:49 and 50, Jesus said, “I did not speak on my own initiative… but the Father… has given Me a commandment as to what to say and what to speak.  I know His commandment is eternal life; therefore the things I speak, I speak just as the Father has told me.” (italics mine)  In this passage, Jesus states His example, His master, is the Father, Adonai, and as He obeyed His Father we are to obey the Father.

Re-creat-ion.  In four syllables, we have a word that means an activity that entertains, and literally means the state of creating again.  As I look at my sons, I hope the Heavenly Father is using me to recreate His Son in them.  I also hope that when I fail, that I follow David’s example and admit my failure in humility, accept the natural consequences of my actions, and keep my eyes on the Example.

Who are you following?  What compels you to follow them?  How might you change the example you are currently setting?




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