Monday’s Shorts: Embarrass

14 11 2011

(Series Note:  I have been writing a word of the day blog on Wednesdays, and while this will be a word of the day blog. My design for this blog is to be short and sweet.)

Today’s word is embarrass.  The word means to cause confusion and shame to; make uncomfortably self-conscious.  The root of the word comes from the French embarrasser which means “to block.”  In essence, it means to block the truth.

Doubt.  In english, we often use embarrass to mean uncomfortably self-conscious, but I believe doubt is a better meaning.  This past weekend, I went to Glen Rose, Texas, to see the Creation Evidence Museum and Dinosaur Valley State Park.  While at the park (thankfully, after going to the museum), I bent down to pick-up some trash off the ground and heard an unmistakable tearing sound.  My jeans ripped along the pocket seam (pictured above).  I was very embarrassed, and because we were nowhere near a store, I couldn’t do anything about it.

Well, I was embarrassed until I had this thought: I didn’t  tear my jeans on purpose, so I shouldn’t be embarrassed.  Of course,  others would laugh, but I learned not to care.  I believe this experience mirrors our embarrassment from the past.  When parents say hateful words, we can doubt our importance in the world. Or when a “friend” engages in gossip about us, we worry about that the impact of their lies.  Eventually, we need to move forward in the truth. In Christ, our shame, hurts, and pains are removed from us.  Of course, we need to find healing for those scars (and put on a new pair of jeans), but until we do, we can move forward confidently knowing the Creator has healed us and covered up our shame.

What shame or embarrassment do you carry around unnecessarily? Please share in the comments section




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