Tuesday’s Tidbits (a.k.a Monday’s Shorts): Gentleness

29 11 2011

Today’s word is gentleness.  The word means mildness of manner or disposition.  It comes from the Old French gentil which means high-born, noble, of a good family.  Gentil comes from the Latin genus which can mean race, stock, kind, family, birth, descent, or origin.  Ness comes comes from the Old English nes(s) which means action, quality, or state.

While gentleness now means mildness, I believe the original meaning is very powerful.  This thought occured to me after researching this original meaning reading James 3:13.  James says in this verse that men should show their wisdom and understanding “by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom.   Essentially, their behavior should reflect their noble “birth.”  As a follower of Jesus, we are His co-heirs which to me means that we are the princes and princesses of the LORD God; therefore, we are nobles.

How encouraging is it to realize that we share an inheritance with the Messiah? 




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