Wednesday’s Word of the Day: Deliberate

7 12 2011

Today’s  word is deliberate.  The word means carefully weighed or considered, studied, or intentional.  This word is often used to describe what a jury is supposed to do in a trial.  They are to look over the evidence, examine every detail, and reach a verdict based on their observation of the facts.

The word is rooted in Latin.  De comes from de which means down, down from, from, off; concerning, or entirely, and liberate comes from librare which means to balance or weigh.  So the root meaning holds true in its English transation, to entirely balance or weigh.  When someone is deliberate they will carefully consider all the angles, all the  opinions, and all the options before acting.

This word strikes me in its multiple meanings.  Carefully consider.  Weigh entirely.  Intentional.  As I read these definitions, I am reminded of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7.  Jesus instructs the disciples to recognize the false prophets by their fruit, “Are grapes gathered from thornbushes…?” (Matt. 7:16) These false prophets may say  one thing, but when their actions are weighed against their words, they are proved to be frauds.

It is easy to be entice by the speech of others.  People, even well-intentioned people, can lead others astray by careless, or conversely, crafty words.  For those who speak carelessly, you should look at their lives, especially their relationships.  How are they impacting others? Is their talk self-centered and introverted?  Steer clear of these people, for they will eat your life away.  Those who speak crafty words will be easier to spot.  The speech, manners, and attitudes change based on who may be around.  Watch for fruit, and God will keep you safe.

In providing the cure for anxiety in chapter 6, Jesus tells them not to “worry, saying ‘What will we eat…what will we wear’ …Your Heavenly Father knows you need them.” (Matt 6:31-32)  In the following verse (Matt 6:33) which really puts it all together. “But seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.”  Carefully considered what Father God, the Son, and Holy Spirit tell you.  First, examine your motives.  Next, examine your fruit.  Finally, admit your needs.   When the kingdom of God occupies our thoughts, when we considered the cost of the cross, we are set free to bear fruit that will last and to bring peace.

Jesus tells His disciples about two builders in Matthew 7.  He calls one wise because he hears Jesus’ words and he acts on them.  In other words he is intentional about obeying Jesus.  He doesn’t flirt with other options.  He doesn’t have a back-up plan.  He is abandoned to the call of his Savior, and he will do what it takes to fulfill God’s will.

How are we to live life? Jesus tells us later to be as shrewd as a snakes and as innocent as lambs.  The wolves surround us.  They are seeking to harm us, and we have to be careful to avoid their traps and snares.  We must do this, and obey Him at all times.  Our job is to consecrate ourselves to Him.  His work sanctifies us, so that we can consecrate ourselves.

What is God calling you to?  What is keeping you from obeying?




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