Excited about the Reason #Jesus

24 12 2011

I recently joined twitter (my handle is pgreg76).  One thing that I learned after joining is that several players on my favorite professional football team confess faith in Jesus.  These men do some great things on the football field, seem to be good men off of it, and use their platforms to bring praise to Jesus.  I get excited when I see famous people that love Jesus.  Even in the ambient intimacy of social media, it excites my heart to see their words praising Jesus.  Also, I am excited about the journey the LORD on which has put my family.

Well, I was excited until I read these words of Jesus describing our duty as believers.  In Luke 17, the apostles told Jesus to increase their faith, and He responds with “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.”  I don’t quite get what Jesus means here, but I believe He means that any faith in Him will result in great and mighty works.  I get excited that I can do great and mighty works for Jesus.

But this is not what gets me in this passage.  It is the next few verses, 7 “Which of you having a slave plowing, or tending sheep, will say to him when he comes in from the field,’Come at once and sit down to eat’? 8 Instead, will he not tell him, ‘Prepare for me to eat, get ready, and serve me while I eat and drink; later you can eat and drink’? 9 Does he thank that slave because he did what was commanded? 10 In the same way, when you have done all that you were commanded, you should say, ‘We are good-for-nothing slaves; we’ve only done our duty.’  Essentially, I see that we get to do awesome, amazing things for the LORD, and we should think of ourselves as “good-for-nothing slaves.”

This fits with what Jesus continually said in the gospels about humbling ourselves.   Luke 14:11b, “…the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”  The only specially quality of the believer is the life of the Father in us.  His manifest presence through the Holy Spirit brings us into situations that will not always make sense to us, but when we obey Him, He does amazing things. AND HE GETS THE GLORY!

I pray that we will seek to humble ourselves into obedience of His word and wait for our reward.  The work that He give us is just that, work.  We are slaves with a gracious, humble Master.  As we remember the babe in swadling clothes, let us remember the call to obey Him.

Merry Christmas!  Happy Birthday, Jesus!




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