The Most Viewed: San Antonio and being “in the moment”

30 12 2011

For 2011, this was my most viewed post.  Also,I recently wrote about being in the moment and seeking the next thing.  Thanks for Reading!

Recently, I went with my family on vacation to visit Sea World in San Antonio.  We started our trip with a visit to the Riverwalk.  One of my sons is still at the age where he needs a stroller for longer walks, and if you have ever been on the Riverwalk, you know having a stroller on the “river” can be impossible, annoying a little difficult.  However, the real fun began once we reached our dinner destination, Rainforest Cafe.  If you’ve never been, think Chuck E. Cheese + a jungle theme – the games.  We were fortunate enough to get a sit next to an animatronic Gorilla. (At first, all I could think about was Buenas Noches Gorila by Peggy Rathman.)  At different intervals, our gorilla would spring to life and beat his chest with his one good arm (the other just dangled there like the gorilla had no working muscles in that shoulder).  And sometimes a fake rainstorm with lightning sound effects would occur.  These fake storms had in interesting effect on my oldest.Frightful Face

 But it is my oldest son’s response to a birthday celebration that brings home the point
of being “in the moment.”  Like many restaurants, Rainforest Cafe brings a dessert and
some singing servers to your table if you are celebrating a birthday there.  With one such
celebration near our table, my son, who did not know the people involved, pumped his fists
(like a football referee signalling a made field goal) and screamed, “Woo-hoo!” as if he was
in the party. Nevermind that he did not know these people, he was simply enjoying life with
no concern for what others thought of him.  He definitely was not dwelling on his past
mistakes or day-dreaming about his future.

 A famous blogger recently wrote about Isaiah 43: 18-19.  In these verses, God is
speaking to the Israelites about forgetting the past and to behold the nu thang that He’s
doing in their lives (You know He’s doing it! thanks early 90’s DC Talk). In the new testament book of Matthew, Jesus tells his followers to consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air and tells them not worry about tomorrow.  Taking these verses together, it seems that God want us to enjoy each day, each moment, each minute as it comes.

How can we possibly respond to the collective advice of these verses?  It starts with the past.  Do you have anything you are hiding, any guilt or regrets you are carrying?  Bring them into the light and find freedom there.  You have to deal with the past by seeking forgiveness at the foot of the cross.  Jesus died for all your sins, and you no longer need to carry them.  Once you have found forgiveness and confessed your sins to God and to each other (see James 5:14-17) then let go of any guilt and regret you are carrying.  As for the future, worry will not do anything for you.  I would also add daydreaming about what might happen is not good either.  You build success by being obedient to the Lord in all things, big or small, by having no secrets, and by leaving your past behind you as you live life minute by minute.

Essentially, you live “in the moment” with no regret from the past and no worry for the future.  You can then enter into the joy of a birthday celebration for a complete stranger with the enthusiasm of a fist-pumping, “Woo-hoo!” shouting child.




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