Monday’s Shorts: Profess

2 01 2012

Today’s word is profess, meaning to claim to be proficient or confess faith or allegiance.  The word comes the Latin the part participle of profitieri.  Pro- means forth, and fitieri means acknowledge, confess.  Therefore, the literal meaning is forth confess, i.e. a positive statement.  In matters of faith, making postive statements is important.  Jesus said if we acknowledge Him before men, He will acknowledge us before His Father.  However, we cannot stop with words.  James is very clear on this…faith without works is dead.


Profession and action that matches is opposite of hypocrisy.  Jesus said many things about hypocrisy, and the most challenging is warning against the “yeast of the Pharisees” which is hypocrisy.  Yeast makes a great analogy for hypocrisy because just a little bit can work through a whole batch of dough.  The Pharisees and Sadducees were fond of acting pious for show, but the reality was their hearts were far from God.  I used to cheer when Jesus was tough on the P’s and S’s, but as I understood the true nature of grace, I realized how far from God my heart was.

I love the attention from others, and I would do almost anything to get it.  I could blame my neediness on my upbringing with an absentee father and busy step-father, but the emptiness of my hunger for attention is a problem with which a lot of people suffer, regardless of their backgrounds. I wish that this problem was solved.  That Jesus would just remove it from my life, and I would never have to struggle with it again.  I don’t think that He will zap me like I wish. I believe it the reason for his admonition to be on guard against it.  It works fast.  It is easy. And authenticity is hard and painful.

What do you profess? Do your actions match? Do you love the attention of others? Follow Jesus advice and be on guard against the yeast of the Pharisees.  Be open and honest with others.  For an excellent read on this topic, check out this book.



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