Prayer Needs- 30 Days Remaining

13 02 2012

Hello Friends, Family, and other Followers!

A lot has transpired since I resigned my teaching position, and while Jennifer updates our story often, I thought I would offer a quick update and some prayer needs.

  • We finally closed on our house Jan 23,2012.
  • Our church leadership agreed to set-up a fund raising account for us
  • While waiting to leave, I’ve been driving a school bus
  • We have received several confirmations of the LORD’s call and destination
  • We purchased our tickets for Maui.

Our prayer needs are:

  • Good fellowship with loved ones in Texas before we leave
  • Wisdom in packing (which may include leaving behind certain books for me)
  • Temporary housing in HI and a vehicle (until ours arrives on boat)
  • Permanent rental in the area of the island the Lord desires us to live
  • Tentmaking opportunities on the island
  • Smooth transition for the boys
  • For open hearts when we arrive on the island
  • A good relationship to continue to develop between us and AMP Church

We are thankful for all that the LORD has done, and we appreciate your prayers as we pursue His mission in Hawaii.





3 responses

13 02 2012
Denise Fender

i sure hope u and Jen will post address and things needed, when the time comes…

Blessings in the name of Jesus

Rev Dennis and Denise Fender
Temple, Tx

13 02 2012
Greg Poppy


Thank you! We appreciate your support!


13 02 2012

Greg, if you guys have an e-reader or a phone, you could ask for gifts of nook or kindle books. that way you can still “have” your books! I’d love to buy a book that you guys would want. let me know!

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