7 MonthsTime

4 01 2013

7 Months Time

Dedicated to our friends on the Island in the sea.

Seeing their faces, I began to cry.

Why does two months feel like two years?

It was hard to stay, but boy did we try.

I know we fought through our tears,

As we said we’ll be leaving,

But only a little while!

Our new adventure eased our grieving,

But even it ended in surprising style.

Papa God knows our hearts,

He’s given us dear friends,

To go through all the false starts,

And to go past all the “dead” ends.

Our victory is all but won,

For a new way may be imminent,

Our lives we live for the One,

And all of His plans come with fulfillment.

                                                                                                                                                         ~4 January 2013




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