Learning to Dance

7 04 2013

I have been studying a lot about dreaming and following after God’s call for my life.  While studying this idea I was reminded of trying to learn how to dance with my wife.  For most of our married life, we just simply swayed back and forth to some slow songs while at dances at our local ballroom, or if a swing song played, we would do the “rock” step with a few turns poorly executed by me.  You see, dancing is all about moving with the beat of the music.  It is about feeling the music, knowing the steps, and following each step with automation, without thinking of each step.  There is also the pesky thing of having rhythm or not, and I fall into the latter category.

The thing about learning to dance is you have to be willing to look like you don’t know what you are doing in order to learn what it is you need to do.  You can’t  be too concerned with how ridiculous your missteps or other off-beat moves look.  The fact is the more you get out on the floor, the better the dancer you become.  Of course, you need instructions, but even with the best instruction if it isn’t coupled with practice, all you have is knowledge of dancing.  You are not a dancer.

This thought occurred to me while thinking of following God’s call.  There is rhythm to life, an ebb and flow, and in order to hear from God you’ve got to get out on the dance floor, to be vulnerable, risk failure, and possibly looking foolish.  Whatever it is, Papa God asks us to step out in faith, having no concern of how we may look or that we might fail.

He actually tells us, in Christ words, to “keep asking…keep searching…keep knocking” (Matt 7:7). If we do, we will find, we will receive, and doors will open for us.  Will we receive everything for which we ask? Will we find everything for which we search? Will every door open for us? No, of course not! However, we grow in learning to dance with Him through His answers, positive or negative, to our requests. And just like dancing, we may look foolish when begin to follow him, but we cannot worry about how things appear.

I believe that Papa God loves our attempts to learn His heart, and whether or not we get it right, we are learning how to follow his lead. We are learning how to flow, and eventually the steps will become second nature to us.
When is the last time you asked Papa God for something? Did you get what you asked for? Did you learn from His response to you?




2 responses

8 04 2013
Jim & Annie Hedderly

Interesting analogy Greg….and you are right about not caring what it looks like as King David danced in the street unashamedly a head of the Arc of the covenant . However it did embarrass the snot out of wife number 1.

Hope you are doing well my brother. Annie and are currently doing discipleship ministry in the Gatesville prison system on Friday nights……we would appreciate your prayers in this outreach. May God keep you and Jen strong in Him! Jim

8 04 2013
Greg Poppy

Jim, thankfully Jennifer does not get embarrassed by mad dancin’ skillz. LOL…that is great about the prison ministry. I am glad to hear that you are still doing it.

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