Help out this wonderful charity

10 04 2013

Please take time at vote for Feed My Sheep here. Below is the ministries description from the contest site:

What is the mission of your cause?

People of the community working together to feed the hungry in body, mind and in spirit.

How would you use the $25,000 to address an unmet need in your community?

The sun and warm climate of Maui allows for an abundant year round growing season. Fresh local produce is available and this program will get it out to the community by purchasing off grade produce at discounted prices and by providing harvesters to glean the crops that would otherwise be plowed under. Feed My Sheep is working hard to develop a program that works with local farmers so that fruits and vegetables are accessible to those stricken by poverty on Maui. Acquiring healthy foods from local farmers will allow Feed My Sheep to take produce out into the areas of need in the community. By Loading up trucks with the help of volunteers, Feed My Sheep will take these nutritious foods to six (6) different locations island wide; five weekly, one monthly. $25,000 will provide over 50,000 pounds of fresh local produce to people in poverty on Maui giving them an opportunity to eat well and thrive.”




One response

11 04 2013
Jim & Annie Hedderly

Helping Hand in Belt help feed about a hundred people a day Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

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