Day 1 Journal

22 04 2013

Author’s Note: I got a late start on the day and nearly skipped today’s prayer from the blog, but I couldn’t miss the first day of this journey after asking for accountability.


Thank You for all the faithful churches and pastors on the Hawaiian Islands. Please send them your Angels to minister to them and send people to come alongside with help and encouragement. Praise you for the variety of ministries present, for each part of the body functioning in the gifts present and humbly recognizing the other parts for the functions that they do not operate.  Let me embrace my identity as “light” to the world. I need to arise and shine then the world will see my good works.  As I go, Daddy, remind us that I am your child.  I cry out to you by the spirit of adoption, “Abba Father.” Jesus, thank you for calling me friend and revealing to me all that you heard from Your Father. Let me flow in your Spirit while remaining anchored to your truth. As I encounter difficult seasons, let me realize I am more than a conqueror through You who loves me.

Daddy, I pray for those who haven’t encountered your love, experienced your touch, or witnessed a demonstration of Your power to h encounter Your love, to experience Your touch, and to see Your power.  Allow the people of Hawaii not yet reconciled to you to be reconciled. Allow the body the privilege to lead them to that place of encounter and reconciliation. Let us walk in the works that you prepared for us to do.

In Your Name,






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22 04 2013
Cindi Wimberly

Amen, sweetheart. Amen.

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