Day 2 Journal

23 04 2013

The original prayer can be found at


We thank you  for giving us strategies and plans to bring unity and reconciliation between believers and between foreigners and natives. Help us to avoid comparing ourselves to others.  Whatever gets in the way of us lifting You up as the head, pride, judgmental-ism, self-righteousness, etc., please remove these barriers. Open our eyes to see our own folly and to repent. Allow us to partner with you in the ministry of reconciliation to see the church made whole.

Help the churches and believers on the Islands to recognize that each has a unique calling and gifting. Help us to avoid judging our differences but instead let’s embrace them.   As You prayed, make us one as You and the Father are one. Jesus, unity is Your will, Your idea, and we agree together with You to see unity in the body of Christ.

For the sins of the missionaries and children of early missionaries to the islands, we repent. For the greed, abuse and corruption, we ask for plans and strategies to see reconciliation. Jesus you make all things new, and we ask you to make relationships between foreigners and natives whole.

In Jesus Name,




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