Day 3 Journal

24 04 2013

Author’s note: the blog is later than I would normally post, but I wanted to keep with my commitment. See the original post on


Thank you for the privilege of interceding for the people of the Hawaiian Islands.  We ask you today to awaken people to the reality of your love today.  Jesus, we bind up the sources of confusion that cloud people’s minds and contaminate their souls.  Holy Spirit, we ask for strategic initiatives and plans to break any curses over the land due to these false idols.  Father, as we move forward in these plans, we ask for covering against spiritual attacks and a keen sense of the timing for when to execute the plans and initiatives that you reveal to us.

Papa God, we ask for people to realize their true worth is found in You.  Let them know who they are and Whose they are.  Jesus reveal to them Your outrageous love, and let us, Your church, be Your hands and feet.  May we have an encounters daily with Your love, and out of that encounter, please bring us the hurting and the broken to love.  I pray for a full revelation of all that You are so that the world may know the depths of your love.

In Jesus Name, AMEN!




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