A New Family

25 04 2013

As we are sharing one car and because my job takes me all over the island, I rode a “commuter” bus to work this morning. While the ride was pretty normal, one thing struck me about the ride: the community.  The people who used the bus knew each other. They made this journey every workday together, and they talked story and knew each other’s names. The passengers knew the driver’s name, the driver, the passengers’ names. At one point, a gentleman didn’t have the correct change for the two-dollar bus fare. The driver and some of the other passengers got him the correct change (this normally doesn’t happen).  Instead of a bus ride, it felt more like a family carpool, albeit that is one HUGE family car. 

The only anonymous person on the bus was me, and I got the feeling it will not remain that way as I continue to make this journey with them. Our island is small. The anonymous ones visit, but the Ohaha (family) remains enjoying the journey together. That is how Maui feels to me: a new Ohana enjoying our journey together.




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