Day 4 Journal

25 04 2013

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I was reminded today of the poverty mindset, of not only Hawaiians, but of young people in this generation from my experience in the classroom.  The students, young people, and those who act as victims of their circumstances care more about trinkets and momentary pleasures than dreaming of or doing anything of intrinsic value.  The possibility of more seems to elude their thinking.  Jesus, I ask for a fresh fire and an awakening to the unique gifts that each person has.

I pray for a kingdom mindset in place of the poverty mindset. As you awaken people to their identities as co-heirs with Christ, I pray that You help them realize all that comes with the status.  I pray against the fear of succeeding and the lies of unworthiness.  That people would realize that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Jesus, help us to grow in appreciate of all that you gave us on the cross, and that there You gave us everything we need for righteousness.  Papa God, help us understand that You are in a good mood, that all Your wrath was poured out on the cross, and that we need not fear punishment if we are in Christ.

Holy Spirit, let believers on the island be full to overflowing with the reality of love in their lives.  Let our example be in deed and in word. Thank you for leading us in the way of life, and never let the enemy ensnare our thinking with accepting the good in place of Your great.

In Jesus Name, Amen!




3 responses

26 04 2013

A victim mentality is so hard to overcome, I’ve learned by experience. It makes everyone else responsible for my misery. No wonder Jesus asked, “Do you WANT to be made whole.” Many would answer, “No thanks. It will mess up my disability.” Sad, but true.

Take heart. Jesus is moving there on Maui. May He give you favor with the locals and much fruit.

27 04 2013
Greg Poppy

“Do you want to be made whole?” I love that you quoted that verse, because it shows Jesus strength an humility. He can make us whole with a word, but He gives us the choice to surrender to Him or to wait for our “circumstances” to change, i. e. “Sir, I have no one…”

27 04 2013

He is so gracious and patiently waits until we finally get to the place when we want wholeness above all else. I know He did with me (still does in some areas).

May the aloha of God explode on Maui this year!

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