Making the Path Straight

24 05 2013

After a long tumultuous year, I got the strangest blessing this past weekend. We went to a ministry called House of Expression, a ministry focused on doing life well. The teaching was on Papa God and hearing from Him. To practice from hearing His voice, we all had to create a prophetic drawing. We exchanged our prophetic art by drawing a random piece out of a hat, and we asked Papa for an interpretation of the drawings.

The drawing I received was of a person wandering on a crooked path through the woods who comes out into the sun, receives a whole heart, and is walking on a straight path. After our previous year’s journey and heartache, the drawing spoke to my heart instantly. We had stepped in faith believing God was leading us to serve a ministry in Hawaii. After several months, we weren’t getting work, and our plans didn’t seem to be working out. Eventually, we had to return to our home state, and we had no idea what we were going to do next and were crushed by our experiences.

Since we perplexed by our journey (and more than a little skeptical), we were cautiously returning to our previous life. However, Papa God also allowed to take steps that might allow us to return to Hawaii. As we completed each step, an opportunity also began to crystallize for us to remain on the mainland. This opportunity would have provided for a normal, “comfortable” life, but our dream of returning to Hawaii seemed to hang in the balance.

The art’s relevancy becomes clear because after I interviewed for the mainland job, Papa God presented us a choice. We could follow the opportunity on the mainland where we would need less of Him, or we could follow our dream where we would need Him more. Work would be less certain here, and I would have to be away from my family for indefinite amount of time. However, as we stepped out in faith again, Papa God made the way clear. It was as if Proverbs 3:5-6 was coming true. We chose to follow God and trust Him, and He has begun repairing our hearts and making our path straight.




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25 05 2013

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