Little Red Numbers

11 06 2013

I wrote recently how loving anything over Christ means we are serving two masters.  To be honest, I realize most often that “I love me some me.”  While this isn’t always true, I often find myself wanting recognition for the things I do.  I search for validation from a number of places.

Like when I open Facebook, I look for those little red numbers above the notification symbols. When they appear, I click on them, “Who liked my status update? Who liked my latest blog post?” “Nobody?!, why?”  Or when I post a new blog, “How many views did I get? Who commented?, etc” Sometimes I get jealous.  “Why did that update get so many likes? It’s dumb, there is no original thought there.  It’s just a picture of cat playing with string!”

I know the reason is vanity, and I know I shouldn’t care.  But, at times, I do.  My journey, my story, my thoughts.  These are not about me; they exist through and because of Jesus.  If I truly love Him, it won’t matter who likes my updates or blog posts.

Jesus, help me exalt You above myself, AMEN!

*please enjoy this song about placing Christ first by KB




One response

12 06 2013

Man’s approval is very addicting, isn’t it? I’ve been trying to kick the habit for the last eight years or so, but keep relapsing! Great post. 🙂


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