I am dead. This simple statement is about transforming my ideals about life. Jesus came to kill my sin nature (or old man) and to make me a new creation. This gospel is transforming my life, and I work to proclaim this message through all my words and deeds. I am married to an amazing woman with whom I have two active boys. I work as a real estate agent and equator in Maui to support our family in our ministry . I love Jesus Christ and my fellow servants at His banqueting table called the “church.” I long to see all people realize that Jesus did it all for them and to see them live out this “happy” gospel everyday.


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13 07 2012

Your ‘about’ kinda reminds me of St.Therese of Lisieux and her little way. It also finds me thinking of how similar it sounds to what i feel. I wish to to be kind to everyone no matter what they say or do to me. But its easier said then done. Its a huge effort and not without its misses.

But all i want that in the end, My Lord says to me, “this is my daughter, in whom i am well pleased”.

It makes me so happy to read you blessed with a marriage to a wonderful woman and that you are also blessed with the love for the Lord. Stay blessed!

13 07 2012
Greg Poppy

Thank you! Papa is good, and I believe, He already says, “You are my daughter in whom I am well pleased!”

25 03 2013
Roy Harmon

Greg, I have a friend who’s grand daughter lives in Maui Hawiaa. I was telling her that I have a friend who is a missionary there and she wanted to get your address so she can see if you can make contact with her. It seems that her grand daughter is struggling with understanding and excepting Christ. We wonder if she live close to you and if perhaps you are someone near her can help with this situation. Thanks in advance. your friend, Roy Harmon

21 04 2013
Greg Poppy

Roy, It is good to “hear” from you! Sorry for the delay in responding. I was waiting for Jen to return to the island before I did. Please send me an e-mail with her information on prayhawaii@yahoo.com, and I will pass it on to Jen so she can reach out to her.

21 04 2013

I appreciated your response on Jon Lilley’s blog about doubt. Thanks for giving me clarity on that topic.

Dead? Oh yeah. I dug a grave in the back yard ’cause I couldn’t picture myself as “dead.” Has your transformation been a very painful process? Sometimes mine has left me wondering what I was thinking!

Grace and peace to you and yours.

P.S. My husband and I love Maui. Napili Point is my personal favorite place on the planet.

21 04 2013
Greg Poppy

Yes and no on the transformation process. It is difficult when I start believing lies about my identity in Christ, such as any claims to “my” rights. In your about, you state it correctly it is about Jesus and His Kingdom. Blesuunigs

13 06 2013
Sally Anderson-Wai

It’s great to read an ‘About’ like your’s when the writer is on fire for the Lord. Keep up the good work!

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